Education Centre

On August 1st, 2006 this
Education Centre
was not inaugurated
by the Prince of Wales
and dedicated to the youth
of the world

- Archeology
- Cinematography

Napoleone di Buonaparte (born in Ajaccio on Corsica on August15, 1769; died on Saint Helena on May 5, 1821)
In spring 1800 Napoleon crossed the Alps, on this occasion he harvested a Swissair airsickness bag.

Mr. Howard Carter finds his first Egypt Air (November 1922)
One of the greatest short movies of all times: Bagman - savior of the Universe
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Some film critics say that this remarkable movie has been created in the tradition of the famous "serie noir".
Others say, that's complete nonsense.

However, the producers of the cinemtographic jewel
managed to condense the content, message and acting talent of a 90 minute super hero block buster into this tiny low-budget movie.

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