In 1815 David Uhlfelder and Heßlein Rothenfels bought some land.

In 1820 they built a house (No.59) and a barn.

Later No. 59a belonged to Wolf Uhlfelder and 59b to Isaak Wild


Isaak Wild marries Amalie Uhlfelder /13/
Isaak born in 1828 /11/


They have the following children, all born in Dormitz:

Getty, born 28.10.1863,
married in 1901
Gustav Heumann
, born 07.07.1874 in Fürth
and lived in Fürth,
they moved to Amsterdam on 27.12.1938,
Getty died in a KZ in Poland,
Gustav died 16.2.1945 in KZ Theresienstadt /13/
David, born 26.12.1866, died 20.02.1934 in Cronheim
10 years chairman of the Cronheim Jewish Community
married Babette Kettner, born 08.01.1865 in Cronheim
  Klara, born 25.07.1894 in Cronheim, died in a KZ /14/
  Betty, born 06.08.1895 in Cronheim, died in a KZ/14/
  Emmy, born 31.07.1896 in Cronheim, died in a KZ /14/
  Gertraud, born 30.03.1898 in Cronheim, emigrated with her family to New York before the war /14/
  Frieda, born 18.12.1901 in Cronheim, emigrated with her family to New York before the war /14/
  Martha, born12.06.1905 in Cronheim, married René Felix Feissel from Mulhouse, the couple and son Gustave
lived in southern France during the war, Martha died in Mulhouse in 1949,
René and Gustave emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1950 /14/
Max, born 06.04.1868
married 24.12.1899
Bertha Rattner, born 20.05.1874 in Zurawna/ Galizien
Max died 13.12.1941 in Fürth
Berta died in KZ Ausschwitz /13/
Philipp, born 18.01.1870
married Minna Rosenblatt, born 29.10.1872
Philipp died 28.04.1945 in KZ Theresienstadt,
Minna died 28.05.1944 in KZ Theresienstadt
Heinrich, born 1.3.1874 in Dormitz, died 10.12.1936 in Cronheim
married Emma Martin, born 19.04.1872 in Cronheim /14/
  Justin, born 13.3.1900 in Cronheim /14/
  David, born 4.6.1901 in Cronheim /14/
Married Valerie Spitz, born 25.11.1895 in Joachimsthal
The couple lived in Nuremberg until March 18, 1938, when they emigrated to New York. /15/
  Isidor, born 31.10.1902, died 20.11.1902 in Cronheim /14/
  Sally, born 6.12.1903 in Cronheim /14/
  Klara, born2.3.1905 in Cronheim /14/
  Leo, born 10.10.1906 in Cronheim /14/
  Ignatz, born 10.9.1907 in Cronheim /14/
  Getty, born 25.12.1908 in Cronheim /14/
  Dead Born 28.1.1910 in Cronheim /14/
  Eugen, born 4.6.1911 in Cronheim /14/
  Matt, born 16.11.1913, died 18.11.1913 in Cronheim /14/

Ferdinand, born 24.04.1876 /18/,
married Sara Hess, born 26.06.1878,
Ferdinand died 1933 in Nürnberg,
Sara died ~ 1941/ 1942 in a KZ

They have the following children

born 24.04.1907 in Dormitz, died 05.09.1980 in Fürth /13/
  Joseph Wild emigrated to Uruguay /13/
  Léo Wild emigrated to Uruguay /13/

Sofie Wild emigrated to Israel and later to England /13/



Sofie Wild and mother Sara

  Michael Wild emigrated to Israel /13/

Betty, born in Dormitz,
marries Wilhelm Hahn,
they have two children: Edith and Eleonore
the family emigrates to Brazil




Betty Wild with her brothers in Dormitz
Ignatz, born 05.02.1879 /18/
married Therese Wurzinger, she died 17.03.1910 in Erlangen,
married Paula Schiff in 1910, divorce 1922
Paula died in a KZ
Ignatz died 1942 in KZ Izbica
Fanny, born 08.11.1880 /18/
Joseph, born 04.09.1882 /18/
Married Lina Bechhöfer, 29.10.1918
locksmith (Schlosser) in Nürnberg
Soldier in WWI
died 24.08.1943 in Auschwitz

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