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On display: Art Bags - KVE Edition Entrance is free, however, the donation of a bag would be appreciated. The hopefully up-to-date swap list First Aid First Aid Europe A+B Europe C to G Europe H to L Europe M to S Europe  T to Z Europe swap list Africa Number One Bag Africa Australia/ Oceania Australia/ Oceania Number One bag South America South America North America North America Asia A to J other bags China Asia K to Z Asia (A to J) other bags generic bags Bag Poetry (Paul Mundy's site)

meet other collectors
some other great resources ... more infos about bags and baggists ... couldn' t resist to put this URL here ;-)
Christian Annyas ... very comprehensive, leaves no questions open
Chris Hays
Steve Silberberg
Leszek Szalapak
Paul Mundy
Jan Tomášek